It’s Wireless!

The ButtKicker Kit features an easy to use wireless RF Transmitter and Receiver so that you can send the audio signal from your A/V processor or TV to the ButtKicker amplifier and ButtKicker Advance unit. Installation is a breeze and all the cables and wires you need are included.

Remote Control

This convenient Remote Control (IR) allows you to adjust the intensity of the ButtKicker® system from the comfort of your Couch or Chair. The Remote Control also features three preset EQ settings to optimize the performance of the ButtKicker® system for movies, music and gaming.


The ButtKicker® Advance is a powerful and accurate low frequency audio transducer that is built with patented technology and is powerful enough to shake an entire couch.
Easy & Versatile Mounting Options: The ButtKicker® Advance can be used with the Chair / Couch Mounting Bracket so that it can be easily slid under the one leg of your couch.
The ButtKicker Advance features a universal mounting plate enabling the unit to be attached to both vertical and horizontal surfaces and used on all types of furniture and seating. You can also mount the ButtKicker Advance inside the couch and out of sight.

Mounting Plate with Rubber Isolators

Simply attach the ButtKicker Advance to the "Chair / Couch Mounting Plate" using the included hardware (even the wrench) and place it under one leg of your furniture. Five additional rubber isolators are included to be place under the other legs of your furniture to maximize the effectiveness of the ButtKicker® Advance and to reduce any vibration from being transmitted throughout the rest of your home or apartment.

ButtKicker® Power Amplifier

The totally new BKA300-4 amplifier features BASH technology that is powerful, reliable and wireless. The Amplifier puts out 300 watts at 4 ohms and features a USB style plug-in connector to accept and power the RF Receiver. "Line in / out" connectors allow multiple units to be hard wired together and the "IR in / out" connectors allow multiple units to be used wirelessly and controlled by a single Remote Control. The optional base stand allows for vertical mounting and it ideal for placing the amplifier out of sight behind your furniture.

High Quality Cable and Wire Set

The Kit comes with all the cables and wires necessary to connect to most home theater systems, gaming consoles and TV’s. Included are a RCA "Y" adapter, 1 m RCA male to male cable and a Speaker Level Interface Adapter" for connecting to your home theater or gaming system (whether "pre-out" powered subwoofer out, "passive" subwoofer out or simply a "line-out") and 20’ of 14 gauge speaker wire with banana connectors for connecting the ButtKicker Advance to the Amplifier.

Fully Illustrated Quick Start Guide

This oversize, easy to use guide leads you step by step to install and use your ButtKicker Kit. The most common "Standard Installation", two Optional Installations and a FAQ section are included. You might actually read these instructions, but don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

We're Fanatics About Customer Service

Our company is staffed with real people who genuinely care about our customers and understand how to use our products. Give us a call if you need any help setting up or using your ButtKicker Kit. We "get it"; we care and we're here for you. Call 9:00 am to 5:30 EST or email us at support@guitammer.com


General Kit Specs.

Kit Dimensions: 18.5” L x 9.6” W x 18" H
Kit Weight: 20 lbs / 9 kgs
Included Documentation: Fully illustrated Quick Start Guide, Power Amplifier  BKA300-4 Owner’s Manual, ButtKicker® Advance Owner’s Manual, Chair / Couch Accessory Kit Owner’s Manual
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

Power Amplifier BKA300-4 Specs.

Dimensions: 8.25" L x 9.25" W x 3.5"H
Weight: 4.6lbs. / 2kgs.
Power Output: 300 watts rms @ 4 ohms / 150 watts rms @ 2 ohms - 120V / 240V Convertible
Frequency Response: 10-300Hz
Input Sensitivity: 100mVolt

Wireless Specs.

Frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM band, FHSS
Usage: Worldwide
Range: Approx. 30' (9m) in normal / home environment

ButtKicker® Advance Specs.

Dimensions: 6.125" W x 4.875" L x 4.375" H
Frequency Response: 5-200 Hz
Weight: 4.5 lbs. / 2 kgs.
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm, inductive
Power Handling: 75 watt minimum / 400 watt maximum

ButtKicker® Kit Online Setup Guide

The Wireless ButtKicker Kit can be used with a setup as simple as a couch and a TV, all the way up to a dedicated home theater with several rows of seating and an equipment closet.
Select an option below to find out how easy it is to use the Wireless ButtKicker Kit with your home entertainment setup.

Setting Up Your ButtKicker Kit is Easy

(1) Wireless

(2) Amplifier

(3) ButtKicker

Download the Quick
Start Guide here

ButtKicker® Kit: Standard Installation

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ButtKicker® Kit: Optional Installation #1

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ButtKicker® Kit: Optional Installation #2

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