4D Sports powered by ButtKicker

Sit right on the glass - at home!

This new patented broadcast technology enables you to experience live sports at home with all their feeling and impact; not just sound and picture. It’s like being at the event while at home!

With the San Jose Sharks at the SAP Center, sensors are attached to the boards, blue line to blue line, that capture the impact of players being slammed into the boards, and then, using Guitammer’s “4D Sports” technology that feeling is added to the broadcast you watch at home on CSNCA.

All you need is the wireless ButtKicker Kit. It’s easy to setup and use; in minutes you’ll be feeling the thrill of live racing. And, it works with all your existing movies, music, and video games so that you can enjoy 4D entertainment all of the time.


And, Buttkicker brand products are used around the world by leading musicians such as Robert Kearns, bass player for Sheryl Crow, Mickey Hart and Dave Schools of the Mickey Hart band, Dave McAfee drummer for Toby Keith, and many, many more.

Top entertainment venues around the world, including AMC Theaters, Disney, IMAX movies at Jordan's Furniture, Alamo Drafthouse and Lumiere Pavillions in China use Buttkicker brand products to thrill and entertain.

How it Works

The wireless ButtKicker® Kit is a "silent subwoofer" that puts your couch at the starting line. You feel all the action, bass and effects from all your movies, music, and games.

Whether you enjoy movies from your couch in the family room, or you have a dedicated home theater; the wireless ButtKicker Kit adds incredible impact – without making a sound.

Setting it Up

Setup is fast and easy. Simply place the ButtKicker unit under one leg of your couch, connect the wireless system to your sound system and in minutes, you’re ready to go.

Everything needed to shake an entire couch is included!

  • Simply place the ButtKicker unit under one leg of your couch, you can even turn it around so that is it hidden under the couch and out of sight.

  • Rubber isolators are provided so that you can level the couch and to isolate the vibration from the floor. The rubber isolators make the wireless ButtKicker Kit ideal for use on wooden and tile floors as well.

  • The 300 watt digital amplifier can be placed next to the ButtKicker unit on its stand or placed under the couch as well. The wireless receiver plugs easily into the back of the amplifier and speaker wire is used to connect the amplifier to the ButtKicker unit.

  • Use the included "Y" adaptor to split the audio signal from you’re A/V Receiver or subwoofer sending one leg of the signal to the sub and the other leg to the ButtKicker wireless send unit. Use the remote control to adjust the intensity of your shake and "feel what you’ve been missing!"

Bring Home the Excitement

Sit right on the glass - at home!

The wireless ButtKicker Kit is 4D Sports ready, works with your existing furniture and electronics, and everything you need is included.

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